Corona Policy

In order for the Drakenkelder to be open we have to adhere to certain rules, please take a look at the latest guidelines from RIVM and check out the guidelines the University of Twente put in place as well.

Besides these general guidelines we have some rules for the DrakenKelder as well:

  1. At all times keep the current regulations given by the government in mind.
    Wash your hand regularly, stay home if you have symptoms and it is advised to selftest
  2. The Drakenkelder has a maximum capacity of 21 people. The Opener will need to keep count of this. Please tell the opener when you enter the room and when you leave. You can view the capacity underneath the stoplight.
  3. Wash your hands upon entry. We will also provide a disinfectant at the sink.
  4. The room is open again for games. But this comes with its limitations.
    1. We have a limit and the planned activity will have preference over unscheduled activities.
  5. After 20:00 we need to scan QR codes. When you enter the room please go to the opener to have your QR code scanned.