Corona Policy

In order for the Drakenkelder to be open we have to adhere to certain rules, please take a look at the latest guidelines from RIVM and check out the guidelines the University of Twente put in place as well. They also summarized it into an easily digestible video:

Besides these general guidelines we have some rules for the Drakenkelder as well:

  1. At all times keep the current regulations given by the government in mind.
    1.5m distance, wash your hand regularly, stay home if you have symptoms, strongly advised to wear a mask
  2. The Drakenkelder has a maximum capacity of 15 people. The Opener will need to keep count of this. Please tell the opener when you enter the room and when you leave. You can view the capacity underneath the stoplight.
  3. When entering the DK you have to come from inside the Bastille, the loading docks door is only to be used as an emergency exit. Please use the Boulevard entrance (orange side) of the Bastille so you can:
  4. Wash your hands in the Bastille and sign in at the Service Desk before you enter the room. We will also provide a disinfectant at the coffee corner.
  5. The DK can only be opened during the opening hours of the Bastille.
  6. The room is open again for games. But this comes with its limitations.
    1. For all board games, the players will have to come up with a way to play the game in a corona proof way. The board will evaluate your idea to accept or deny your proposal. You can contact us through email, discord, or IRL.
    2. All role-playing, such as D&D, Pathfinder, and Vampires will be played as laptop dungeons(If you want to use a battle map), but you can use the room. We will be contacting the SU if we can use the meeting rooms for this as well.
    3. Magic can be played, but no cards may be switched around and no deck sharing.
    4. Don’t grab any of the games out of the closets without having permission from the board.
    5. After games are played they will be in quarantine for 36 hours.
    6. Don’t use any of the game material that is present in the room. Including but not limited to books, pawns, maps & dice.
  7. Everyone inside the room will have to use their own equipment.
    So no use of the headsets, PlayStation, screens, etc.
  8. All furniture is placed in a specific place so that 1.5m can be taken into account.
    Thus we ask you not to move any of the furniture and to not sit with multiple people on a couch.
  9. Do not use the wardrobe.