About Fanaat

Fanaat is the games’ association of the University of Twente. You can always find people at Fanaat for a board game, a quick game of cards and many other kinds of entertainment, from complex war games that take days to a party game on a console. Not only does Fanaat offer a large and varied collection of board games, Fanaat also offers various consoles, each with an extensive library of (mostly multiplayer) games. Magic the Gathering and role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons are also played regularly at Fanaat.

Fanaat’s main game nights start every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 20:00. There are other activities held regularly such as LAN-parties in cooperation with IAPC and Blueshell Esports.

We also organize the Fanaat Open once every other month. This is an event where everyone including externals can visit our association and play games from our collections.

Fanaat Magic the Gathering Seal will be hosted every first Friday of the month (join our Discord to get updates), where you can join in for a game of magic: the gathering by buying some booster packs and building a deck out of them. Aside from that, there is casual EDH (Commander) every other Friday or whenever they feel like grouping up.

If you are interested in joining Fanaat or coming by the DrakenKelder

We have a Discord server: https://discord.gg/uRtfw5P

To become a member of Fanaat you need to do the following:

  1. You need to own a Union Card or Campus Card. This can be done at dms.utwente.nl.
  2. Fill in the sign-up form and transfer the membership fee. Or, alternatively, head over to our clubroom “De Drakenkelder” (The Dragon Dungeon) and fill in a physical sign-up form.
    The membership fee is 20 euros.
  3. This step is important, and it is regularly done incorrectly. Only at this point do you go to dms.utwente.nl and register with the association Fanaat, available under ‘Profile > Organizations’. If you have not done step 1 and 2 prior to this step, your registration will be refused!

Of course, it is possible to join us a couple of times during our game nights to see what we offer. Non-students can visit our game day Fanaat Open, held every couple of months. For more information, check our Fanaat Open page.